How to Hijab: It’s All About Styles

Although women love to wear hijab but some are still unaware about wearing hijab. How to Hijab helps you n solving your problems and not only guides you in wearing hijab but also tells you how you make it look awesome. Hijab is protective covering of women in Islam. There are many types of hijab like veil, long abaya, bursa, stole, and scarf. Now it depends on you which style you use but select that one which is convenient for you. How to hijab simply tells you that if you select a scarf then you can pin it up along the neck and it is easy to cover your body too. 

If you’re choosing long Abaya then you can roll the stole around your neck and pin it up. Different Abaya styles are available in market which includes frok type or long gown type, or shirt style. Choose what you like most. How to hijab guides you that Veil is another type of hijab which covers your face along with the body. For this you can choose that fabric cloth through which you can easily breathe and that didn’t create any discomfort for you.


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